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Paper Mills.

The problem of filtration, especially of White water, has always been top priority in paper mills. The problem increased with the introduction of new regulations, particularly with IPPC (industrial pollution prevention control) which imposes a maximum value on /of the relation between the amount of fresh water used and the amount of paper produced. The variations coming from the diversification of the production cycles, to which the paper making Companies must adhere, also from the type of paper produced and the different types of raw material used, not to mention the additives, makes it true that every application to recover water is a problem that needs careful handling.

This is where Fluxa uses self cleaning filters to recover white water after flotation to be recycled for use in ambitious applications like high and low pressure washing sprays or to clean the nozzles of paper cutters until now considered an unthinkable task.


Typical applications are:

  • Primary water
  • Process water
  • Filtration of coat and additives
  • Protection of nozzles and exchangers
  • Utilities

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