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Envirogen Water Technologies - The Total Solution Provider

The Envirogen Group is a leader in the filtration and water treatment market with offices in the UK, the United States and Italy offering a wide and complete range of filtration, purification and water treatment solutions to a number of key markets.

The Envirogen Group offers technological solutions, able to guarantee to its customers exceptional results as well as excellent performance thanks to its vast experience in various markets such as: manufacturing (production processes), chemical (products and chemical processes), food & beverage (food and drink), pharmaceutical & healthcare, oil & gas (petrochemicals and refineries), power generation (processes of energy production), mining (extraction processes), electronics, industrial & municipal water (industrial process water and integrated water cycle for municipal use).


Technologies "best-in-class" - high-performance, advanced and recognised success

On a European scale, Envirogen is able to respond effectively and promptly to all customer requirements from the design of large filtration systems, process engineering, identification of the best-performing consumables, through to operational maintenance through a network of in-house service engineers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Envirogen Solutions are tailored to each client and allow improved efficiency through a strong focus on achieving the following:

  • Optimization and simplification of processes, making them faster and more effective
  • Optimization of flows and production costs
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Reduction of volumes of wastewater


Fluxa Filtri, headquartered in Italy in the city of Milan, has an extremely wide range of customers in various markets in which the company has specialized for more than 40 years. Envirogen in Italy with Fluxa Filtri has its own filter cartridge production facility, allowing quick supply of suitable filter cartridges to meet customers specific needs. Fluxa Filtri has highly qualified technical and engineering experience and can offer customized solutions to solve the problems of filtration faced by its customers, such as: optimizing flows and maintaining production costs, with the added benefit of pre and post-sales, laboratory testing and pilot plants. The main markets where Fluxa operates are: oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage, power generation, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Environmental Water System (EWS), based in the South West of the UK, has over twenty years of experience in both healthcare and industrial processes in purification and water filtration. It specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of systems and services for water treatment by reverse osmosis, filtration, deionization and water softeners. EWS (UK) has extensive experience in the implementation of reliable systems for water purification, even for the most critical treatments, in line with all the requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. With its applications installed at over 200 sites is considered a leader in the health sector.

The Puresep division of Envirogen provides state of the art water treatment, wastewater and process filtration technologies to the food and beverage market. Having worked with numerous blue chip food and beverage companies, Puresep understands the demands that are being made on this market, from squeezed pricing, and tighter competition through to environmental concerns, and tightening legislation. A high level of competency in filtration and water processing technologies guarantees tailor made solutions to help meet these requirements. Puresep offer advanced and tailor made technologies and services, and unmatched expertise, resulting in end-to-end sustainable solutions, from membrane technologies, ion exchange, de-aeration, reverse osmosis through to sterilising solutions such as ultra-violet irradiation and chlorine dioxide plants. Wastewater solutions are extensive and range from chemical supply and management, through to extensive anaerobic/aerobic digestion and MBR technologies which can be purchased or through design, build, operate, leased options. Global customers include: Heineken, Diageo, Britvic, Sab Miller, Carlsberg and Molson Coors and Northerm Food.

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ENVIROGEN GROUP ITALY Viale De Gasperi, 88/B 20017 Mazzo di Rho (MI) Phone 02 93959.1 Fax 02 93959400