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Crossflow filtration system for water and wine

Filter bags

Self-cleaner for water

Prefilters, sterile cartridges and sanitary filter housings

Depth pre-filter in PP microfibers


Fluxa Filtri : the strength of experience, the ability of re-invention that leads the way to the future of filtration.

Forty years ago Fluxa was founded by a family of entrepreneurs who had the foresight to choose and introduce Specialists able to deal with the problems of Industry and Research. Over the years we have made our way into fields as far apart as Pharmaceutical to Food & Beverage, Chemical to Petrochemical, Electronic to Biotechnology, Medical to Inks & Paints : always in partnership with our customers.

Being our partner means having all-round service starting from the choice of the right product and pre and after sales service to the manufacture of tailor made systems. Please investigate further for our full range of services made even wider by the availability of on-line offer enquires.


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